Lost Members that want to be reinstated- Using short form Application

                          Association of Great Dane Fanciers


                                      Member Reinstatement Form


Those who have over the years let their AGDF membership lapse are welcome to rejoin without submitting a new membership application.  Please use this form so that we can be sure that our records for you are up-todate.


Name of member(s) *

Address *

Telephone *

Email, if any *

Kennel name


Date of last AGDF *


* required


Annual Membership Fee: Single $20.00 ________ Joint $25.00 ________


(Joint membership is two (2) adults residing at the same address, with each entitled to one (1) vote.)


SIGNATURE: _________________________________


DATE: _________________________________


Please send this form with payment (payable to AGDF) to:


                                                 Frank Davey, Secretary


                                                       102 Oak Street

                                                 Strathroy, ON N7G 3K3