Rules and Regulations:

1. Points must have been accumulated either during six months of the 2012 calendar year or

during a six-month period part of which is within 2012.

2. Points must have been accumulated while the puppy is between six and twelve months of age

(six consecutive months).

3. The puppy’s owner must be a paid-up member of the Association while accumulating points

and when the trophy is awarded. If the puppy is co-owned, it is eligible as long as one of the

registered owners is a paid-up member of the Association while accumulating points and

when the trophy is awarded.

4. For points to be valid, the puppy must have competed at that show against at least one other


Point Schedule

(in Canada or the United States)       All-Breed Shows            Specialty Shows

Earning a Championship         200                               200

Best of Breed                             50                                  100

Best of Opposite Sex                  50                             100

Best of Winners                        35                                 75

Winners Dog/Bitch                 25                                 25

Best Puppy in Breed             20                                 25

Best in Show                                                               150

Best Puppy in Show                                                     100

Group Placing 1 through 4                                           100

Best Puppy in Puppy Group                                            50

Puppy Group Placing 2 through 4                              25

Best Puppy in a Sweepstakes          25                              25

The Puppy of the Year Trophy remains the property of the Association. The Association will

provide engraving of the winning puppy’s name on the trophy. The Association will provide a

keeper trophy to the owner.

Owners who apply for the Puppy of the Year Award are responsible for submitting a record of

their puppy’s points to the club secretary. Printouts of the wins from the official results on the

CKC website or the AKC website are required.

Deadline for applying for the 2013 Puppy of the Year Award is July 15, 2013.

Association of Great Dane Fanciers


Puppy’s Name:

Date of Birth:

Owner’s Name:

Owner’s Address:

Phone: Fax: E-mail:

Win Date Show Points

Total Points: _______________

I certify that the information given on this application is correct and can be verified from the print-outs of official

CKC or AKC show results that I have submitted.

Signature _____________________________ Date _________________________

Please return this application