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AGDF Hall of Fame

These are our best; the Great Danes that as conformation, obedience, therapy and all around versatile dogs, as well as our stud dogs and brood bitches that have far exceesed the always high hopes of the members who have been their owners. These dogs have exemplified in various ways thegoals and ideals of the Association.


The standards for admission into the HOF are extremely high, but as the dogs whose exceptional careers are honoured here demonstrate, such standards are not out of reach. We hope their example will inspire other fanciers of Great Danes to aspire to the kind of outstanding achievement that have brought these extrordinary dogs to our Hall of Fame.


Ch. Clark's Little Streusel Swirl Can/AmU CD, CGC



Whelped: February 17, 1985

Member-Owner: Peggy Webber-Clark

Category: All-Around Achievement


In addition to winning four titles in conformation and obedience, Ch. Clark’s LittleStreusel Swirl, Can/AmU CD, CGC (Streusel) whelped 7 Canadian champions (several of which also won American championships) and 3 additional American champions (including a BISS and Top-20 award winner). She had a long life, last appearing at an AGDF specialty in 1995. Peggy Clark writes: “Streusel was truly a happy accident for me. I was not needing or wanting another dog at the time, but she was 7 mo. old and living in a garage by night and on a chain by day. Fall (cold) was fast approaching, and her owner was desperately seeking a better home for her due to circumstances beyond his control. She was so irresistible, so I rescued her. I had only shown in obedience until then, so she taught me about conformation shows and became my first dog with titles at both ends of her name. She is the very first Dane to be registered in the OFA Heart registry, she and her offspring comprise 7 of the first 10 Danes to be certified. She became the foundation of Nikolodeon Danes, was the mother of my very first home-bred AKC champion as well as of the first GDCA Top-20 ranked dog of my breeding, and earned a GDCA Venerable Dane certificate [in 1997]. A real Serendipity Dane.”

Ch. Miskre’s Omnipotent Tonare, CD, TT, CGC

Whelped October 10, 1988
Member-Owners and Breeders: Bob and Carmen Miskiman
Category: All-round Achievement

Ch. Miskre’s Omnipotent Tonare, CD, TT, CGC (Thor) was the #4 Canadian Great Dane in 1991 and 1992, and #2 in 1993, accumulating 3,161 career breed/group/BIS points, the highest number yet achieved by a black Great Dane. He was the first male black Great Dane to win a Best in Show in North America, and remains the only black Great Dane to have won a Best in Show in Canada. Carmen and Bob want to emphasize that all of Thor’s wins were breeder/owner handled. She adds that Thor was always eager to do his part in the showing: once she and Bob left him in their van to wait for Best in Show, and when they returned he had eaten not only all the bait that was in Bob’s tweed jacket pocket but also the pocket. Additionally, along with 6 other dogs of different breeds that Carmen trained, Thor had a short theatre career in a week-long high school production of Annie. “A show dog, an obedience dog, an actor” says Carmen, “and an incredibly easy dog to live with.”

Can/Am Ch. Nikolodeon’s Whistling Roxie, Can/Am CD, TDI, CGC, VC

Whelped June 16, 1989
Member-Owner: Peggy Webber Clark
Category: All-round Achievement

Can/Am Ch. Nikolodeon’s Whistling Roxie Can/Am CD, TDI, CGC, VC (Roxie) earned 6 titles and still found time to whelp puppies that earned 5 championships, 4 Canadian and 1 American, including a BISS winner. Peggy writes of Roxie: “Roxie was a happy accident for me as well. Having sold her to what I thought at the time was a good home; I re-claimed her at the age of 3 yrs. She became my second generation with titles at both ends of her name and was my first home-bred AKC champion. She had multiple years of winning as Best Brood Bitch, Best Veteran, and Awards of Merit from either/both days of the AGDF/GDCC weekends. She also acheived the award of Venerable Dane Certificate from the GDCA, as weall as on for Versatility Dane. I can't begin to list all those wonderful (yet sometimes infuriating) antics, but suffice it to say she halped coin the phrase "make sure it's Roxie-proof!??"

Can/Am Ch. Reann’s Pride KronJuwel

Whelped February 27, 1992
Member-Owner: Dianne Plamondon
Category: Conformation

Am/Can Ch. Reann’s Pride KronJuwel (Krona) was a CKC Top-5 ranked Dane for 4 consecutive years, #4 Great Dane in Canada in 1994, #2 in both 1995 and 1996, and #3 in 1997. At the end of his career he had the third-highest Best of Breed total by a Great Dane (165) in Canadian conformation history, and 6,127 breed/group/BIS points. He also sired more than five champions. Dianne recalls, “Krona was an outstanding dog, his loyalty and love for me were beyond words. He was a true gentleman with the ladies, and respected by his offspring. I love all my Danes, but I feel especially blessed to have had this Juwel in my life. KronJuwel will shine in my heart forever.” All of Krona’s wins were owner-handled.

Can/Am Ch. Nikolodeon's Com'n Round Again, TDI, CGC

Whelped November 15, 1995
Member-Owner and Breeder: Peggy Webber Clark
Category: All-round Achievement

Can/Am Ch. Nikolodeon’s Com’n Round Again, TDI, CGC (Jacob) holds four titles and has sired 6 CKC champions, 8 AKC champions and 3 UKC champions. He is a BISS winner at an AGDF specialty. Of Jacob, Peggy writes: “Like his mom and grandmom, he wasn’t what I’d had planned. I was NOT keeping a boy. But, it was my last chance to keep something from his mom, and all she had in that litter was boys. He started at 6 months old by winning a puppy sweeps at the big Specialty weekend in Ohio that has become known as the‘Mini-National’. He won several other Specialty Sweeps, but took forever to get his first points! He was Reserve Winners Dog as a puppy at his first AGDF Specialty, and Best of Breed at his first AGDF Specialty as a champion. Jacob was specialled in Canada for one year, showing only 10 weekends, to achieve a #7 ranking (with many group placements), often showing in competition with other top-ranked specials. He and his offspring have received multiple AOMs at the annual AGDF/GDCC Specialty weekend, and so far 4 of his children have finished at AGDF/GDCC Specialties. He’s sired a GDCA Top-20 finalist, and we just finished his 8th AKC Champion offspring. He’s the sweetest gentleman I’ve ever known. His favourite thing in the whole wide world was children, though God knows why because he certainly wasn’t raised around any. His trademark behaviour was that, as well-behaved as he ALWAYS was, he could never resist DRAGGING me to any stroller to see who was inside it to snuffle.”

Can/Am Ch. Striders Carpe Diem

Whelped 9 December, 1997
Member-Owner: Frank Davey
Category: Conformation

Can/Am Ch. Striders Carpe Diem (Seizer) is the top group and breed winning Great Dane in Canadian show history. He holds almost every Canadian Great Dane conformation record, for Best Puppy in Breed (57), Best Puppy in Group (28), Best Puppy in Show (12), career Best of Breeds (475) career Group Placements (272), and career Group 1sts (69), with accumulated breed/group/BIS points of over 13,000.

He was a CKC Top-5 ranked Dane for 6 consecutive years, #3 in 1999 and 2000, #2 in 2001, #1 in 2002 and 2003, and #4 in 2004 when 7 years old, and was #7 when a puppy in 1998. He won multiple Group 1sts in 6 consecutive years. He finished his AKC championship from the 12-18 month class in 21 show days. Frank says that Seizer was always quick to ‘seize the day’ with show surprises, like when he went Best of Winners at his first show, 6 months 3 days old, duffer-handled, or when he won 10 Best Puppy in Group and 5 Best Puppy in Show in a ten-day run of shows at 8 months old, or when he won two 4-point majors in his first US show. He hated hairy dogs, he adds, or male Danes that got ‘in his opinion’ too uppity in the ring, but could often be seen away from the ring with Maltese or Dachshunds sleeping on top of him.

Can/Am Ch. Aristo Chamois Autumn Jomardi AOM

Whelped: May 30, 2001
Member-Owners: David and Karin Piercey
Category: All-round Achievement
Admitted: September, 2008
Abby finished her Canadian Championship at 10 months of age with multiple BPIG wins. She was also the recipient of the AGDF Puppy-of-the-Year award for 2002. After a short break, Abby travelled to the US with breeder/handler Shelby Cooper to earn her American title which she did in record time in four weekends out and with four majors, one being a specialty major on the first weekend.

In the whelping box she produced five Canadian champions and one American/Canadian champion:

Can/Am Ch. Saul’s Mohican’s Maiden
Ch. Aristo’s Hot Damn Here I Am
Ch. Aristo’s Maharajah
Ch. Aristo’s Premier Edition
Ch. Aristo’s Walk N On Sunshine
Ch. Aristo’s Summer Side of Life

Bred by Karin Piercey and Carol M. Chalmers

MBIS BISS Can / MBISS Am Ch. Marksman's Navajo Dreamcatcher AOM

Whelped: February 18, 2003
Member-Owners: Debbie & Walt Lileikis
Category: Conformation
Admitted: September, 2008

Woody started his show career at 9 months old in the US. In between getting his US points, he finished his championship in Canada at 12 months old. Woody went back stateside to finish his US title at 13 months by going WD/BOW at the Great Dane Club of Kentuckiana specialty.

At 15 months, Woody started his specials career in the states. He was ranked in the Great Dane Club of America Top Twenty in 2004 and 2005 –before he was 3 years old. Woody came home to campaign in Canada for 2007; he ended that year as #1 Great Dane and #7 Working Dog. Woody retired from the show ring after winning his fourth BIS at Credit Valley under respected judge John Connolly.

Bred by Heather Budd, Debbie Lileikis and Anne Stewart

HIT Ch. Somogygyongye Elvira, CGN, RE, CD, TDI, VGD2, VGDX2, VGDCH, HOF

Member-Owner: Kristianne Delorme
Category: Versatility


The AGDF is pleased to be the first Canadian Great Dane Club to honour multi-disciplinary performance with its award of a VGD (Versatile Great Dane) and a VGDX (Versatile Great Dane Excellent) and a VGDCH (Versatile Great Dane Champion) to HIT Ch Somogygyongye Elvira CGN, RE, CD, TDI, VGD2,VGDX2,VGDCh, HOF. The extraordinary achievements of HIT Ch. Somogygyongye Elvira CGN, CD, RE, TDI, VGD, VGDX, owned by Kristianne Delorme, which included more than the minimum three performance titles and a top-5 Great Dane ranking in a single discipline,
qualified her also for entry into the AGDF Hall of Fame, the first ever performance entrant.

                       BIS Ch. Striders Santana V Drogheda, AOM

BIS Ch. Striders Santana V Drogheda, AOM, owned by Frank Davey and Kelly and Glen Tait. Santana achieved the necessary 5000 career points required for entry, and was the #1 ranked Great Dane in Canada in 2011 and #2 ranked in 2010 and 2012. He was the AGDF's 2008 Puppy of the Year and Best Puppy at our 2008 specialty.


AGDF Hall of Fame Membership Criteria

Membership in the AGDF Hall of Fame is granted to any member-owned or co-owned Great Dane that meets a minimum standard in one of five categories: Conformation, All-Round Achievement, Obedience, Therapy, and Breeding. The owner must have been an AGDF member at the time of the achievement.

These standards are:

1. Conformation: any ONE of

* 5,000 career points

* 75 career group placements

* 30 career group firsts

* 5 career BIS's

* 3 career BISS's

2. All-Round Achievement: ONE of

* 1,000 career conformation points and three titles (CH,CD,CDX, UD,TD, TDX, CGC, AGC, TT)
* ranking in top-5 Great Dane CKC obedience for one year and having three titles
* doing 100 therapy hours and having two titles
* siring 10 champions and having two titles
* bearing 5 champions and having two titles

3. Obedience:

* achieving Top-5 ranking in CKC obedience for two years

4. Therapy:

* doing 300 career therapy hours

5. Breeding: any ONE of

*siring 20 champions
*bearing 12 champions

6. Versatility: